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Marvel Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider Man - Cgc 6.0 Fresh To Market Blue LabelSOLD12/10/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 5.5 Blue Label  - 1st Spider-manSOLD09/20/2017
Tales Of Suspense 39 Cgc 8.5 1st Iron Man Ss Stan Lee 1963 Jack Kirby 1003705003SOLD09/28/2017
Fantastic Four #1 Cgg 7.0 Marvel 1961 1st Appearance Of The Fantastic FourSOLD11/18/2017
Amazing Fantasy 15 (cgc 4.0) O/w Pages; Origin/1st App. Spider-man; Ditko; KirbySOLD09/15/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Unrestored 1st Spider-man !! Rare !! cgc Vg 4.0 @no [email protected]SOLD12/11/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Unrestored 1st Spider-man !! Rare !! cgc Vg 4.0 @no [email protected]SOLD11/26/2017
Fantastic Four #1 Nm 9.2 Signature Series Stan Lee AutoSOLD11/11/2017
Amazing Fantasy 15 Journey Into Mystery 83 Originals Cgc Pgx CbcsSOLD09/24/2017
Whiz Comics #1 Cgc .5 1st Captain Marvel!SOLD11/20/2017
Fantastic Four #4 Cgc 9.2 Jack Kirby Signed 1st Sa App Sub-mariner 0910339005 SOLD10/31/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Marvel 1962,origin & 1st Appearance Spider-man! Trimmed EdgeSOLD11/20/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Cgc 3.0 Origin & 1st Spider-man 1962 Stan Lee & Ditko KeySOLD10/09/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 ==> 1st Appearance Of The Amazing Spider-man 1962 SOLD11/24/2017
Amazing Fantasy 15 Cgc 2.0 1st Spider-man Stan Lee Signature SeriesSOLD11/11/2017
Cgc 5.0 Incredible Hulk #1 Origin & 1st Hulk Rick Jones Betty Ross Marvel ComicsSOLD10/28/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 September 1962 Cgc 2.5 Stan Lee Signed!!SOLD11/30/2017
Captain Marvel Adventures #nn (#1) Cbcs 5.5 ((restored))SOLD09/24/2017
Cgc 5.0 Incredible Hulk #1 Origin & 1st Hulk Rick Jones Betty Ross Marvel ComicsSOLD11/27/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 1st Appearance Spider-man SOLD12/10/2017
Amazing Spider-man 1 Origin Retold From Amazing Fantasy 15 Stan Lee Steve DitkoSOLD12/11/2017
Amazing Fantasy 15, 1962, Cgc 2.5 Unrestored Universal Grade, 1st Spider-man!SOLD11/08/2017
Amazing Spider-man 1 Origin Retold From Amazing Fantasy 15 Stan Lee Steve DitkoSOLD10/12/2017
Uncanny X-men 94 Pgx 9.8 (like Cgc) White Pages! Double Signed! Highest Grade!SOLD12/01/2017
Fantastic Four #1 (1961) Pgx Ss 6.5 Fn+ Origin & 1st App - Stan Lee Signed!SOLD09/20/2017
New Mutants #98 Cgc 9.9 W (mint)! 1st Appearance Of Deadpool! Rare! Only 1 Of 11SOLD11/02/2017
Brave And The Bold #28 1st Justice League Of America 1960SOLD11/01/2017
Marvel Comics Amazing Fantasy No.15 Cbcs Gold 2.5 Lot 120SOLD10/28/2017
Incredible Hulk 1 Cgc 3.0 1st Hulk SOLD12/11/2017
Incredible Hulk #1 Cgc Vf 8.0 (restored) Offwhite/white PagesSOLD09/17/2017
1975 Marvel Giant Size X-men #1 1st Appearance New X-men Cgc 9.8 White PagesSOLD11/27/2017
Journey Into Mystery #83 Cgc 6.0 1962 1st Thor! Avenger! Iron Man! D12 914 Cm ClSOLD12/02/2017
The Amazing Spider-man #1 (marvel, 1963) Vg+ White Pages Cbcs Free Priority ShipSOLD12/11/2017
Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk Vol One (1962 Series) # 1 Cgc 3.5 Vg- 1230947001SOLD09/29/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 1962 Cgc 1.5 Ow Pgs SOLD11/04/2017
Amazing Spider-man 1 Cgc 5.5 Marvel Comics, 3/63 Off-white Pages FnSOLD12/01/2017
X-men #1 Cgc 7.0 Ow/w (marvel Comics, 1963), Origin And 1st Appearance!SOLD10/23/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Restored 1962SOLD11/06/2017
Marvel Series 8 Mark 1 Tilting Head Vertical Band Saw. Cuts Great Shipping AvailSOLD11/20/2017
Incredible Hulk #1 Cgc 3.0 Grail Comic 1962 1st Appearance Of Hulk! Comic KingsSOLD10/29/2017
Hulk #1 Cgc 3.0 Origin And 1st Appearance Hulk Key Grail RareSOLD10/29/2017
X-men #1 (1963) Cgc 7.5 1st Appearance Of The Original Crew Marvel ComicsSOLD12/07/2017
The Incredible Hulk #181 (nov 1974, Marvel) Cgc 9.6 SOLD09/22/2017
Amazing Fantasy #15 Uk Silver Age 1st Apperance Spiderman 4.5 ?SOLD09/13/2017
Chris Evans Captain America Movie Shield Prop Screen Used Marvel Comics Mcu 2011SOLD09/28/2017
Journey Into Mystery #83 Marvel Comics Ow To W Pages Cgc 6.0 1st Appear: ThorSOLD10/24/2017
Detective Comics #8 (1937, Dc) Super Rare Pre-dates Action #1 & Marvel Comics #1SOLD10/17/2017
Marvel Amazing Fantasy #15 Comic Forecasted Grade 1.5 Complete Unrestored Rare!SOLD11/18/2017
Pair Of Two Key Comics From Silver Age - Marvel Avengers 1/x-men 4 Cgc 7.0/7.5SOLD12/03/2017
Fantastic Four #9 Cgc 9.4 Oww 3rd Silver Age Sub-mariner App. Cgc #1055380001SOLD10/31/2017